Mentorships Programs

4 Programs Designed to Help You Escape the Matrix

The Mentorships Academy Priced at $1495

Learn insider ecommerce techniques to jumpstart your online business today. Get access to ecom hacks, resources, 15+ course modules, updates, daily calls and much more inside our discord.

1:1 Mentorship Starts at $2497

In this mentorship we’ll be walking you through how to create a website, how to find a winning product (we suggest them too), how to market leveraging organic platforms, short form content training, 2 weekly 1:1 calls, and much more. Limited spots available.

Consultation Call
30 Minutes/100$

Call with us! Learn how you can improve the structure of your dropshipping platform and make money—the right way.

YouTube Crash Course

THIS is how you DROPSHIP with NO MONEY. In this video, Adrian is going to explain to you how you should structure your dropshipping store in 4 simple pillars.

Meet Your Mentors

Adrian Dimacs

Agency + Brand Owner. Entrepreneur.

Filip Skotarski (aka Tapa)

Dropshipper and Agency Owner. Tapa has made over $10+ million in ecommerce revenue.

Will MacDougall

Marketing Expert.

Dillon Kydd

Has helped multiple brands achieve over 23 million views per week through strategic content planning and coaching.

“After dropping out of nursing school in 2021, I went out to start and grow a few of the most successful online businesses across several different industries: personal branding, advertising, education and dropshipping

I then started teaching people to do the same on my TikTok page, to become an influential figure and help people make money online.”
Adrian Dimacs

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